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I am Lisa Maria Padilla, a certified life coach, experienced parenting mentor and

passionate life & nature lover.

Lisa Maria Coaching!

I am grateful you have led yourself to my coaching zone. Here you are in a safe space. Take a moment for yourself and explore what I work on with my coaching clients and see which opportunities may offer you a wonderful self-discovery journey, a happier new beginning or a more balanced continuation of the path you're already on! 

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feeling alive, beautiful

and loved again.

succeeding in your

personal & professional life

healing your past

wounds & traumas.

Finding balance,

happiness & peace of mind

learning to appreciate your authentic self.

Re-connecting to an energy that lets you thrive

Are you stuck in the struggle tunnel?

Do you feel uninspired and demotivated to start work in the morning?

Are you feeling drained of household chores?

Do you feel exhausted of trying to dedicate all remaining time to everyone BUT yourself?

Is your family noticing that your bucket is too full?

Do you miss quality time with your loved ones?

Have you given up on your passions in order to simply "survive" the day?

Do you feel pain and tensions in your body, which you don't seem to get rid of?


Many of us have, at some point in life been able to tick many, if not all of the boxes above. 

We tend to think "This is adult life" or "I have no choice" or "This is what I got myself into, so now I have to deal with it".

Well, let's get you out of there. It's a journey, sometimes a quick one, sometimes it takes a while. You are unique and you deserve to experience your life on earth happy, fulfilled, fill your years with positive memories and to explore the gifts within you that are still un-opened.

Let's have a chat over coffee (yes, for free) 

Light and Shadow

A healthy, strong, positive mindset and sustainable living foundations are the two core goals driving my coaching, as I am convinced they will lead you to long-term balance and onto a happy, successful path as an individual. On this path you will have space and tools to discover your full potential, to re-learn certain thought patterns that keep you stuck and to develop an action plan that will change your life to the positive!
By the end of our journey, you will feel empowered, with a backpack of tools and methods, ready to enjoy life, capable of understanding your purpose and acting upon those gifts within you.

"After every coaching session I feel like I have read a new chapter of my life's book."

- Madalina Popa

"Lisa has a very calming demeanour which made me feel really relaxed and safe speaking to her about everything that came up for me."

- Kyli Ferguson

"Lisa, your questions really got me thinking, and feeling... with your calm and compassionate nature and skills. I highly recommend to work with you."

- Anna Rayward

I am whole-heartedly convinced that personal development is valuable for every person on our planet, no matter who you are, what your background is or how you grew up. You are allowed to thrive, enjoy and live life to your fullest potential!