Hi! For those who don't know me - 

I am Lisa Maria Padilla, a parent mindset coach. 


I am so happy to welcome you into my world!

My passion is to help parents feel their best & most empowered self!

♛ Start feeling alive and thriving

♛ Heal past wounds, memories & traumas

♛ Find your superpowers in your authenticity

♛ Turn your life compass towards more success

♛ Blossom in your role as a parent

♛ Re-activate & nourish your peace of mind

♛ Energize your body and soul for long-lasting results

Stuck in the struggle tunnel? 

Do you feel uninspired and demotivated to start work in the morning?

Are you feeling drained of household chores?

Do you feel exhausted of trying to dedicate all remaining time to your kids?

Are your kids noticing that your bucket is too full?

Do you miss quality time with your partner?

Have you given up all your hobbies and passions for being a mum and having a full-time job? 

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

They don't have to. This is not the life you signed up for. It is not who you are. 

Give me a call, so I can get to know you, because I can tell you for certain, you can get out of this tunnel. Let's see how I can help you as soon as possible so you can start enjoying your beautiful life again! 


Are you struggling with overwhelm, depression or exhaustion?

It's okay. You are in the right place. While working with me you will be able to set an end to this negative spiral. Believe me, it is never too late.

If you are committed to finding a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle and mindset, I am 100% sure that you will be able to...


  • Re-balance your life

  • Re-discover your uniqueness & spark

  • Find back to your passions and life goals

  • Feel empowered and energetic

  • Find ways to success & long-term happiness


  • We will establish your very own long-term parenting model, which will empower your children and provide you with a secure path to raise confident, independent and successful children! 

"After every coaching session I feel like I have read a new chapter of my life's book."

- Madalina Popa

"Lisa has a very calming demeanour which made me feel really relaxed and safe speaking to her about everything that came up for me."

- Kyli Ferguson

"Lisa, your questions really got me thinking, and feeling... with your calm and compassionate nature and skills. I highly recommend to work with you."

- Anna Rayward

A healthy, strong, positive mindset and sustainable parenting foundations are the two core goals driving my coaching, as I am convinced they will lead you to long-term balance and onto a successful path as an individual. On this path you will have space and tools to discover your full potential, to re-learn certain thought patterns that keep you stuck and to develop an action plan that will change your life to the positive!


By the end of our journey, you will feel empowered, ready to enjoy your life and capable of empowering your children to become independent and successful individuals.

"Personal development is valuable for every person on our planet, no matter who you are, what your background is or how you grew up. You are allowed to thrive, enjoy and live life to your fullest potential!"


Lisa Maria Padilla