1-1 Coaching Sessions

You may feel the strong need of a coaching session to re-wire your thoughts, get tools and methods to solve your current problem or help you get through your struggles to avoid feeling burned out, depressed, lost or stuck. Book a 1-1 session with me, discover what coaching can do for you, see if my coaching helps you to feel better, more balanced and release the tensions you're currently feeling.


1-1 Coaching Session

A 60-min coaching session is suited perfectly for you if you are not quite sure what is triggering your negative feelings or how you can better your state of mind to feel happier, more fulfilled and more balanced. 

If you feel stuck, stressed or unhappy in your current life situation, you feel you're just rushing from day to day, you haven't slept well since weeks or you are impatient with yourself and the people around you, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you and me to work together in a 1-1 coaching session.


Inner Child Healing

Individual 1-1 coaching for women who want to re-connect to their inner child, understand their emotional roller coaster & work through negative feelings and thought patters. You will find new ways of feeling worthy, secure and confident. Give yourself this wonderful chance of re-discovering your unique self. 

We start with a 90-min session of in-depth inner child work and if you haven't worked through everything needed, you can easily prolong the program.