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Joy & Balance with Kids

Coaching for mums and dads

This coaching program will shift your mindset as a parent for a lifetime. No matter how crazy or unpredictable your life seems right now, there is a way out of the negative spiral. In this program you will re-learn thought patterns that are keeping you stuck, you will change your daily routines, find more space for yourself and  become the balanced parent you deserve to be.

I know, you seem fine on the outside, you put a smile on and tell yourself that you're okay but... 

  • You are really feeling drained and tired.

  • You don't feel you have enough time for yourself.

  • You are struggling day-by-day not to break down emotionally. 

  • Your nights are sleepless and full of thoughts.

  • You love your children, and you wish you could be the smilier, happier, more creative & enthusiastic version of yourself?

I am sure you know that this is not the kind of life you wanted to sign up for. Start changing it today.

Maybe you can relate to this...

Working a 9-5 job, having children, juggling daily routines and staying on top of the list of chores can be overwhelming and exhausting. 

If we don't watch out for ourselves, we might end up depressed, burned out and completely drained of any positive energy. We suddenly feel incapable of controlling our emotions. We wonder why simple comments offset our mood, why we can't sleep, why we loose our mind with the smallest occasion or why we just can't wake up with enthusiasm anymore. 

And then one day you find yourself ready to give it all up. You feel so overwhelmed with all the never ending to-do-lists and the requirements that work is exploding with, you don't feel like coping anymore. Motivation is low, inspiration gone, hobbies all pushed aside... This is the time when we start forgetting things, can't keep your kid's schedules together and it generally feels like everything has grown over your head.

And yet, all you want, is to "do the best you can".

This is the moment when you know. 

Something needs to change.

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Your child doesn't ask for a perfect mum -

a  happy mum is all they need!

Are you ready for your change?

Start your journey today and commit to becoming...

  • an empowered & balanced woman

  • a happy, self-confident mum

  • a confident, strong & unique human being