Who is she, you ask?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Welcome beautiful. I'm glad you made it here!

My story.

I am a mother of 2, a wife of a loving husband and a citizen in Germany and Sweden.

I had a good life as a kid. I spent lots of time in our local music school in Germany, had friends, went through different teenager phases, learned to ride the unicycle, did well at school and ate a mainly plant based diet.

When I was 16 I spent one year in the US, Michigan. It was a wonderful and eye opening year, a year of life changing experiences. With 20 I had graduated and decided to move to Sweden. With little financial support I started working as an Aupair, learning the Swedish language, culture and the country’s characteristics. What came next? I always wanted to work as a pre-school teacher, but listening to my surroundings, friends and family it wasn’t the “best option” recommended. So what did I do? I studied Business Administration.

Not a bad choice, but not the most fitting for me either. I managed though. I finished my Bachelor, made amazing friends and met my husband. Together we travelled different parts of the world, formed our life together.

I started a pre-school teacher education after all, because I still wished to work with children, making an impact on future generations. It led me to work at an International School and - in parallel - at a local music school as a violin teacher - and WOW how much I learned during this time. One of the most rewarding times in my life.

During that time our daughter was born. A new light, a new star. While working at the school I also started my first company, an organic children clothing retailer. I loved it and I put much effort and time into it - but I didn’t find the time to fully commit to it, juggling life between my daugther, the school jobs and the business. What happened next? My son was born and my desire to be the best self for my husband and children grew. I suddenly felt surrounded by children from wake-up to night and I could not calm my curiosity of how it would be to work in the corporate world. Would I find the balance I was looking for? So I did. I got a job at a large, global organisation. More valuable experiences, more friends, more eye-opening events.

More juggle between being a mum, a wife, keeping a healthy lifestyle and looking out for myself. All through this time of shaping my adult life, I knew deep at heart I was an ENTREPRENEUR and I would one day become self-employed again. I needed to do my own “thing”. When was ONE DAY though? The universe has led me here. The right time and space has come and I am more than happy to help parents all around the world finding their path into the life they were meant to live. There is a moment for everyone and from that moment on, your life will make more sense. It will be a happier, more conscious life, the one you had before only dreamt about.

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