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I invite you to read about the different programs I offer and to find out which package suits you best.

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Joy & Balance with Kids

This program is for all parents who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in their life as a mum or dad. This is for you who is working a day job and hustling the busy life with  child(ren). Choose between 6 weeks or 12 weeks length of the program and decide whether to have coaching sessions weekly or bi-weekly. 

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Inner Child Healing

Individual 1-1 coaching for women who want to re-connect to their inner child, understand their emotional roller coaster & work through negative feelings and thought patters. You will find new ways of feeling worthy, secure and confident. Give yourself this wonderful chance of re-discovering your unique self. 

We start with a 90-min session of in-depth inner child work and if you haven't worked through everything needed, you can easily prolong the program.

Coffee Break

Mindset & Empowerment

This program is a 12-week program, designed for you feeling stuck in your current life situation, parent or no parent. You are suited for this program if you would welcome a change in life but you don't know how and where to start. You'd like to find back to happiness, lightness and balance in your life, because depression & negative feelings have impacted your lifestyle for too long.

You have come to the point at which you say:

This is it. Something has got to change.

You have found the right place. This program is for you!