Soul Balance Membership
- an advent calendar for the soul throughout December '21

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The important stuff...


Is it really for you?

This is a wonderful one and only membership opportunity for which your investment is so small that it barely compares with a new Christmas sweater. 

The value you will get out,

might change your entire next year! 

  1. You will hear from me daily - all throughout December.

  2. There will be weekly get-togethers on Zoom, with relaxing, fun little exercises

  3. You will be held accountable to achieve what you want to personally achieve

  4. We will all be connected through a Whatsapp group

  5. I will give you sweet little messages about the best time management and the most loving way to spend your days throughout December

  6. You will have bi-weekly 1-1 coaching sessions with me - so 2 coaching sessions throughout the month. 

So, let's find out if this is for you!

I know all too well, how exhausting a December month can feel. In the last couple of years I was a master in forgetting important activities that my kids had, I was late for important meetings, I just simply felt exhausted before the Christmas days even came. I fought through, and I enjoyed as much as I could, but I often ended up with a cold throughout or just after the Christmas days, because my body just couldn't take it. Since last year, I've been doing things differently - and it feels soooo good! So my wish this year is to pass on this feeling to as many women out there, struggling with stress, exhaustion, anxiety, unhappiness or even depression. I want to give you that well-deserved balance that you need this year. 

I know... it might seem impossible. 

I promise I will not rob valuable time from you, I will not stress you any more, but I can guarantee you to 99% that joining my membership will give you the opposite. Will help you to relax and to work through some of the pushed away negative feelings, that cause your body to crash eventually.


Just let yourself fall into it. Give it a try.

What have you got to lose? 

The investment of being part of the journey and uplifting your December energy - is just 40€!! (or respective amount in your currency)

Remember: included are two 1-1 coaching sessions, in which you can bring up anything you like (value: 130€)

This is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself an advent calendar in a little different format. It's sustainable, healthy and sooo much value for your personal development - PLUS two basically free coaching session, with the very royal me :)

Reading with Coffee

Soul Balance

Your advent calendar for the soul! 

See you inside ;)